Know-How And Quality


Maison Ginestet’s policies remain faithful to Fernand Ginestet’s philosophy. It supports its commercial activities by monitoring wine production through partners with holdings in the different Bordeaux appellations. This allows Maison Ginestet to ensure that it is offering quality wines, and provides its commercial partners with guaranteed monitoring over time, adding value.

For holdings, these partnerships offer non-continuous monitoring carried out by GINESTET teams, advice on culture methods and maturity checks, and the opportunity to participate in vinification and blending for the creation of products.

Furthermore, at the instigation of Maison Ginestet the majority of holdings have opted to earn the label of sustainable agriculture for their activities.

They are thus committing to a comprehensive approach to production management which aims to strengthen the positive impact which agricultural practices can have the environment, even beyond the measures stipulated by regulations. In order to complete this environmentally-friendly approach to winegrowing, Maison Ginestet has gained the certification required to bottle wines made from organically-grown grapes and offers a complete range of these.