The creation of the GINESTET Fragrances collection happened thanks to a meeting between our Managing Director and Mr Gilles TOLEDANO (Perfumer of Florescence perfume company in Grasse).
These two jobs are very close to see identical. Only the raw material changes. The spirit is the same. It is the reason for which Maison GINESTET dashed into this adventure.

The concept.

The wine and the perfume have numerous common points:

- the notion of soil: because wines arise from vines produced in various naming of Bordeaux as oil of flowers which come from various places of production in the world.
- the harvest: in both cases a big care is carried in the raw material. Indeed to have optimal quality for the final selection of the aromas, we have to be on that the maturity of harvest is good.
- the wine making: which also applies to both cases, on the one hand we transform grapes into wine, on the other the flower petals are processed in order to make oil.

In the obtaining of the "juice" there will be the olfactive searches to marry at best aromas. In the final we shall have concentrated flavor(perfume) or assembly (wine). The oenologist and the nose are going to work to create an blending which will allow to advance the popular characteristics. In that case, these persons are going to appeal to their finest senses, " the olfaction ". We wanted to advance the primary aromas which are in wines of Bordeaux. We selected three major wines: the dry white wine, the sauternes, and the red wine.


Like all new products it was necessary to find names whilst keeping the spirit of Bordeaux wines at the forefront:

Sauvignonne : a light and fruity perfume. Its name comes from the Sauvignon grape variety which is the most common in white Bordeaux wines.

Botrytis :
sweet perfume. Its name comes from Botrytis cinerea (a fungus that helps the sugar concentration in the grape berries made into sweet white wines). It represents the sweet wines of the Sauternes region.

Le Boisé : describes woody aromas in wines). It brings out new wood aromas, vanilla and red wine. The odours of the wineries and barrels where our wines are aged.

In keeping with the wish to remain faithful to Bordeaux wines, we have also worked on the colour of the perfumes. Sauvignonne has light green tints typical of dry white wines, Botrytis, a slightly amber colour typical of Sauternes wines. Le Boisé is sold in a tinted bottle.